What Bitcoin Documentaries Are On Netflix?

Bitcoin Documentaries on Netflix

Bitcoin has been around for a long time, but it is only in the last year or so that it has become relatively mainstream. If you would like to know more about Bitcoin and would like to have some idea of what it is, what “blockchain” means, how Bitcoin is different to other forms of money transfer, and why it is soaring in popularity and value, then why not watch some good bitcoin documentaries about it?

For those hungry for more spicy cryptocurrency knowledge here is a comprehensive list of the best bitcoin documentaries available to watch online, on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube: https://www.smartbitcoininvestments.com/bitcoin-documentary-list/

Perhaps the most interesting documentary about Bitcoin is Banking on Bitcoin, which is available on Netflix. This documentary was directed by Christopher Cannucciari.

There are many other bitcoin documentaries out there, though – The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin is one that is quite interesting – especially since it was published in 2014. Another is Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It, which was published in 2015, and for those who are looking for something a little bit more recent, there is the documentary that was published this year, called Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution.

The Netflix documentary focuses a lot on Satoshi, rather than on anything about the future of the currency. The End of Money as We Know It might perhaps be a more interesting documentary for those who are wondering where cryptocurrencies are going.

Bitcoin is a strange and interesting currency. The anonymous nature of it makes it useful for people who need to be able to send and receive money without having to worry about being traced. The fact that it is not tied to a central bank means that it is, in many ways ‘more secure’ and protected from the vagaries of international currencies.

Bitcoin is hugely volatile – so far, the value of the currency has been trending upwards, but since it does not have any intrinsic value there is no guarantee that it will stay that way. There are some skeptics who think that the whole cryptocurrency thing is a bubble and that it will burst in the near future as people realize that the currency only has value because other people feel that it has value. Certainly, with the slow transaction fees, it is not easy to pay for anything that you need with any urgency using Bitcoin. However, that does not mean that Bitcoin is not going to become useful in a few year’s time. The idea behind the Blockchain is that it is decentralized, secure, and impossible to hack. That’s an admirable idea and it is something that we can expect to see change the world, change banking, and impact retirement accounts over the next few years. Whether Bitcoin will be the currency that takes over, or we will end up making our fortunes out of some other currency such as Ethereum or even one of the weird and wonderful altcoins such as SelfieCoin or Dogecoin remains to be seen – but all of those coins have a place, and there could be a future in cryptocurrency even for those of us who missed out on the early Bitcoin boom.

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Using A Numerology Calculator To Decode Your Life Path Number

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Numerology Calculator?

Have you ever or have you been using a numerology calculator? If you don’t know what that is, then this crucial knowledge might actually change your life. There are some people that believe that certain numbers in their life hold significant value. In the same way that people will check their horoscope every day to help them make decisions, these calculators can serve a similar purpose. They will allow you to determine your life path, or even make simple choices every day, based on the numbers that come up. Let’s discuss how these calculators work, and why you can benefit from using one.

Luckiest Days of the YearWhat Exactly Is A Numerology Calculator?

These calculators can help you determine what is called a life path number. According to most numerologists, this plays a very important role in helping you choose the direction of your life. What is unique about this number is that it is one of the easiest to determine. It can also tell you certain things about yourself such as what your strongest traits are, the type of skills you possess and may alert you to certain challenges that may be coming your way.

Check out our favorite Numerology Name Calculator here.

How Do These Calculators Work?

The first step of the process is to enter in the month, day, and year of your birth. The calculator will do the rest. It uses a two-step process to calculate the number that is representative of your life. First, it will add all of the individual numbers together that are in your birthday. The only other rule is if you get numbers like 22 or 11, you should never reduce these to a single digit until you reach the final calculation. For example, your number may indicate that you are a harmonizer, a person that is devoted to finding balance in your life path. You might be someone that is a born leader, peacemaker, or someone that is focused on developing wealth. By adding up the individual numbers of your month, day, and year of your birth, and then adding those numbers together, you will be able to find out what path you are on.

What Are The Benefits Of Doing Numerology?

How To Calculate Your Name NumberOne of the best reasons for doing this is it can help you understand yourself. You may start to read the description of this person you are supposed to be, and it will match up perfectly. You can also read all of the other ones, and they will not match at all. It is astounding how these numbers can be so close to your actual personality. The other benefit is that it helps you understand what you need to do next. That’s why numerology is so important as it plays a key role in helping us understand ourselves and our life path.

These are just a few of the reasons that you should consider using a numerology calculator that you can find online. Most of them are going to be for free. If you want a full readout of what your life path means, they often charge for this information. However, it will be well worth fully understanding your personality, as it will help you make better decisions. You can do this today by simply finding a numerology calculator that can provide you with this information.

Hiring A Cabinet Refinishing Company For Home Remodeling

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Cabinet Refinishing Company in San Diego

You probably have an ideal kitchen in your mind and you know exactly how you could update your appliances as well as your cabinets in order to make your kitchen look more modern. Unfortunately, you also know that updating your kitchen can cost thousands of dollars that you may not have, which is why many homeowners are looking to hire a cabinet refinishing company that can bring their cabinets into this century while saving them a significant amount of money! Of course, refinishing services may not be for every homeowner, which is why you need to ask the following questions before hiring such a company:

Are your current cabinets solid and durable?

It’s important to know that your existing kitchen cabinets are not only solid, but they are durable enough to be refinished or refaced. The overall condition of your cabinetry can make a world of difference in whether or not refinishing experts can really give them the makeover they deserve. If you’re unsure about the condition of your current cabinets, you may wish to consult an expert contractor who can help you determine whether or not refinishing will meet your needs.

Do your current cabinets offer functionality as they are?

Refacing your cabinets is certainly a great choice if you don’t have a problem with the functionality of your current kitchen and the integrity of the design works as it should. Of course, this may not always be the case if your cabinets are older and your current kitchen is closed off. If you would like to add flexibility, additional storage or need more counter space, you may wish to invest in new custom cabinets as they may help with your kitchen’s overall functionality.

What is the current appearance of your kitchen?

If you’ve already started installing new countertops and investing in new kitchen appliances, updating your entire kitchen may be a better option than refinishing. Of course, oftentimes, the items you currently have installed in your kitchen are more than sufficient for your needs and your cabinets can easily do with a facelift to make them more modern.

Are you able to afford a complete remodel?

As was mentioned, installing brand-new custom cabinets and entirely remodeling your kitchen can cost thousands of dollars that you may not have. Of course, the cost of new cabinetry often depends on whether or not you purchase stock selections or look at custom offerings. Budget is usually a concern, therefore, it’s usually a much better idea to hire a cabinet refinishing company in Escondido, San Diego that you can trust. Also, keep in mind that refinishing cabinets will still add plenty of appeal and value to your home if you look to sell in the near future. Many house flippers also choose this option because it helps reduce remodeling costs.

home refinishing

Cabinet refinishing offers numerous benefits such as a reduced cost, no demolition, and can be completed in just a few days. Chances are, you probably don’t want to live in a construction zone, therefore, refinishing your custom cabinets can get your home looking modern in no time at all.

Do Yourself A Favor And Invest In A Quality Case For Apple iPhone X

Many people are in love with the new Apple iPhone X and rightly so, but with such a high price tag it is important to keep it in perfect condition. One way to do that is by purchasing a solid case and screen protector to go along with it.

The Apple iPhone X has just hit the market and already people are complaining about cracks in the screen. With such a delicate phone and updated screen, it is very important that you invest in a highly durable case. Too often people forget that they’re dealing with a glass screen that can easily break when dropped, and of course, the moment you get the phone in your excitement you end up dropping it.

The Apple iPhone X is much different than their other models now that have gone with the upgraded screen that is similar to the high-end Samsung models. These screens are very fragile and will break even with a case if you aren’t careful. Although an Apple iPhone X case may be a bit expensive at the moment, think about the high cost of replacing the screen should it break while hiking in the neighborhood.

Since the phone just hit the market, expect better cases to follow shortly. Usually in the beginning when a new phone comes out it takes some time for the right case to come along. You can keep up with the latest trends on all the different iPhone cases https://www.zizowireless.com/collections/iphone-x-cases/ at the websites that specialize in technology discussions.

A great way to find out which is the best Apple iPhone X case to purchase is by reading online reviews. The internet provides an excellent resource with a host of informative reviews on how well the iPhone X does with the different cases. Every case is not the same, and since the iPhone X screen is very fragile, you want something that offers solid protection around the edges.

Usually, the edges of the screen are where the cracks begin to form when the phone is dropped. This can occur from the phone hitting at the right angle and not flush with the ground or any other surface. It has also been reported that the iPhone X screen will crack if placed down at an awkward angle. It is hard to believe that a phone with such a high price tag can be this fragile, but it is true.

As you can see from reading here and many of the online reviews, it is very important that you invest in a case that offers maximum protection. Who knows how much the screen on an iPhone X will cost to replace, but if it is anything like the Samsung models you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security just because it is an Apple product. They have proven to be highly durable with all of their other models, but the iPhone X is a new breed.

As you can see from above, you now know that investing in a great iPhone X case is so important to maintaining the value of this very expensive phone.