Is USI-Tech a Scam? You Decide

USI-Tech seems to be at the forefront of the minds of cryptocurrency traders around the world, their clients boasting huge profits in no time at all, and everyone is invited. It does sound too good to be true, social media reports claiming earnings of 51 BTC in just a mere 72 days. What a pleasure. Or is it really? USI-Tech have come under fire from consumers, claiming a Ponzi-type scheme that is the structure of the company. The idea behind UIS-Tech was the logical development of software that that enabled fully-automated trading, allowing for smaller investor the ability to partake in the FOREX market.

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What is USI-Tech?

USI-Tech is a software operation that has been in doing business since 2009, creating an automatic trading bot. Customers can access this software for around 600 Euros, giving them lifetime access and use of the software. That was their in into the cryptocurrency game, introducing their Bitcoin packages to customers in March of 2017, and halting the FOREX trading to both old and new customers about the same time.

These package allowed their customers, or members, to invest in USI-Tech’s Altcoin mining and cryptocurrency trading activities, promising their members daily returns of 1% of their investment for 140 working days (roughly 6 months), with a mere minimum investment of 50 Euros.  Additionally the USI-Tech referral program promised members additional earning potential, heavily influencing the company’s tremendous upswing in popularity. It’s because of this system that they employed, that critics considered USI-Tech a Ponzi scheme, and hence, the USI-Tech scam was born.

Making Money with USI-Tech

USI-Tech offers their members 3 ways that they can earn money:

  1. Bitcoin Package

The Bitcoin package must be the easiest and fastest way to make money investing in UST-Tech. The 50 Euro minimum Bitcoin purchase carries a guaranteed return of 1% every day for a total of 140 working day, or roughly 6 months. In short, t the end of the 6-month period, you will have recouped your initial investment, and made a profit of 40% on that same investment. Members are not limited in the amount of Bitcoin package they can by, your limit is yours alone to decide. Member are rewarded 1 token for every Bitcoin package that they purchase.

  1. Token Package

The token package offered by USI-Tech is aimed more at a long-term investment, launching their own cryptocurrency, TechCoin, making the token purchase more of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the firm. Once this token offering has expired, holders of these tokens will be savvy to its appreciation, and can sell them through an exchange if they so desire. The USI-Tech goal is to sell 500 million token for a total investment revenue of 200 million Euros.

  1. The Referral Program

The referral program is by far the easiest way to make money through USI-Tech. Your marketing prowess can earn you money without you even spending a dime.

  • Bitcoin Package Referral – here members earn commission on the people that they recruit by signing them up for a Bitcoin package. There are different levels that recruiters need to strive to in order for them to earn bigger rewards and more money.
  • Token Package Referral – is similar in nature to the Bitcoin referral program, members having twelve different levels of earnings. To be eligible for commission earnings however, members needs to purchase any token package other than the silver package. Referral commissions are paid instantly, and can be withdrawn immediately.

This look into how USI-Tech does their business and makes their members money gives a clear indication of what they have to offer. The USI-Tech scam is not going to be decided here. The information is clear and the choice of whether to make use of them is again, up to you. If you like what you see then give it a try, the options are there to make yourself a lot of money.

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