We are the stewards and human inhabitants of 90 acres of hilly and diverse land, nestled in a bend of a river in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We’re 28 miles from a state university, an hour from a small city with an airport, and five minutes from a small but culturally diverse town of about 500.

We have recently put 70 acres into a Virginia Conservation Land Trust to protect the land. We continue to work on our land plan and guidelines to care for the environment, as we build our dreams here.


We aim to build a community culture in which we can trust one another. That trust is built largely by our making and keeping agreements with each other. Periodically we hold a meeting to review tasks each member has agreed to do, to keep ourselves accountable.

We ask full members to commit to a self-selected minimum length of membership. Because we want membership commitments to be thoroughly considered, we neither ask for nor accept them from provisional members. We do not accept lifetime commitments.

Lake by the Mountain

┬ęPhoto credit: Absolute Summit