Fundamental to the vision of Abundant Dawn is our commitment to live close to one another, cooperate and share resources so that we may live more lightly and joyously on the earth. These covenants express our agreements related to our use of the land we hold. These principles are basic to our community, and we expect those who join with us to commit themselves to these principles.

As we live here and care for this place, our decisions and actions reflect our intention to understand what nurtures this land and water and act in accordance with our understanding. We intend to keep the land as one whole piece and, if we sell it, to sell it as one whole piece. We maintain a balance of forest and open meadows on the land, and endeavor to sustain a hospitable home for a diversity of wildlife. Our forestry practices aim to enhance the quality of the forest, its beauty and usefulness. Likewise, our farming and landscaping practices are designed to enhance the health and quality of the soil and water. We cluster our homes and other buildings in several designated areas, holding in view the integrity and harmony of the landscape and the living systems of which the buildings become a part. We honor the land, its air and water, its plants and animal life, as it sustains us and allows us to open to spirit through its wonder.